Who We Are

Verde is the premier eco-friendly fulfillment services company for the US market. Not only do we provide your brand with the absolute best customer service in the industry, every client gets their own Client Manager to speak/email with. We get to know you, your customers, and the way you like to run your business. We like to put your orders in a box, not you.

Our business is built on trust, integrity and sealed with a firm handshake whenever possible. Our partnerships with our clients last for many years because we become friends, and friends respect one another.

At Verde, we have three sets of siblings, two father-son pairs, two father-daughter combo's, and one couple working for us. We are about family, friends and fun. Our company culture is second to none.

We work in 18 different time-zones everyday, and 48% of our clients are international based. We also have over 67 integrations into our cloud-based system. This makes us more tech-savvy than some tech companies, but really, we're just really great at pick pack and ship.

Whether you are a multi-national corporation needing order fulfillment, a new start-up or doing a Kickstarter campaign, Verde Fulfillment USA is here to help you out. If you are needing to change from your current fulfillment center, we can help make it a painless process for you. Order fulfillment services, it's what we do, all day, everyday.

Here Is How It Works

  • You tell us you want to join the best order fulfillment company available
  • We send you some documents to review and sign (5 minutes to complete)
  • You ship your inventory to Verde (we can help you do this)
  • We integrate your shopping cart (5-10 minutes, seriously!)
  • We train you on our cloud-based system (20-30 minutes)
  • Verde begins shipping your orders
  • You expand and grow your business
  • We make your order fulfillment simple, fast and efficient

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Specialized Services

  • Drop-ship order fulfillment
  • E-Comm order fulfillment
  • EDI order fulfillment
  • Wholesale order fulfillment
  • Specialty packaging
  • We also ship to the largest retailers nationally